Thank you for accompanying me in my recent project to sell my condo. This is the third time I have called on your services since 2006 because you know how to create a climate of trust through your integrity and the efficiency of your team assures me that everything is put in place to conclude a transaction that will be to the satisfaction of all parties involved. No doubt, for any real estate related questions, you will be the the first person I call!



There was a great deal at stake and a difficult challenge ahead due to the presence of a tenant on the premises. We want to tell you how much we appreciated your perseverance when we began to doubt that the deal would ever be concluded. And the kindness and generosity with which you gave of your time in order to reach ultimate success! We will always look forward to meeting with you, whether for business or simply for the pleasure!

Thank you for everything!

Annie et Jean-Claude


I have greatly appreciated your support since the beginning of our collaboration. And I will not hesitate to refer your services to others when the opportunity presents itself.



This was the second time I called upon your services. Previously, it was for Apartment 206, where the tenant was completely uncooperative and you demonstrated tact and patience in helping to finally conclude the sale. More recently it was for Apartment 203, where the time between listing and the tenant's departure was very short. You were able to close the sale without my losing even one day of rent. Bravo! Most certainly, I will not hesitate to call upon your excellent services again should the opportunity arise. And I will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances whenever I have the opportunity.

Thank you, Mélanie!



After meeting with several different brokers in the past year, I found Mélanie most definitely was the professional I was looking for. Her analytical sense, knowledge of the market, experience and superb personality are the reasons why I will again call upon Mélanie for my future transactions! Thanks again!



Why did I choose to go with Mélanie Dubois? A few years ago, I wanted to put my property on the market. After discussions with you, Mélanie, I decided that I was not yet ready to sell my property. You said, simply and nicely: “No problem; when you are ready, you just have to contact me.” All without any pressure.

Seven years later, I contacted you again. I appreciated very much your professional attitude and my intuition told me that you were the one with whom I should do business. Everything was very simple and fast.

Mélanie, you are a professional at heart and do nothing halfway. Putting a property on the market is one of the most important steps, and with your advice plus the home staging specialist’s suggestions and photos taken by the professional photography agency you deal with, my property found itself shown at its best—and beautifully—on the market. Everything was so well orchestrated.

I knew I could trust you, Mélanie. And an offer on my condominium appeared and was drawn up the evening of the third day of being listed on A few days after receiving the offer, the condo was “SOLD.”

Thank you, Mélanie, for your good work. As I once told you, it’s too bad that I do not have any other properties to sell; it's that great doing business with you.

Thanks again!



For the sale of our property, we were looking for an agent very active in our sector, who got results, was well-organized, and had years of experience, charisma, and know-how. When we met Mélanie, we knew from the outset that she met all these criteria. She always gave us the impression that our case was treated as high priority at every stage of the transaction. We received all the necessary support and cannot overlook the excellence of the service Mélanie and her team provided. We sincerely thank her for her professionalism, efficiency, availability and dedication. We will not hesitate to call upon her expertise in the future or to refer her to our contacts.

Nicolas et Claude


We worked with Mélanie for the first time in 2007 and were immediately struck by her professionalism, thoroughness and passion. We had to sell a property under a tight time constraint and, thanks to her efficiency and drive, sold the property on time.

A long-term relationship was born; Mélanie became our counselor and our agent. We are very demanding clients and aware that a good agent is very difficult to find in a market flooded with people looking for easy money. Rare are the career agents, passionate people up-to-date on current practices and legislation, for whom a sale is more than a commission but an agreement between several parties.

We are now on our fourth transaction with Mélanie and will call upon her services for those that lie ahead, too.



For the sale of our property, we were looking for a results-oriented agent who was very active in our sector, with charisma, know-how, years of experience, and good organizational skills. When we met Mélanie, we knew from the outset that she would meet all these criteria. She always gave us the impression that our transaction would be handled as a priority at every step along the way. We received all the support required from Mélanie and her team, and must mention the excellence of the service provided. We sincerely thank her for her professionalism, efficiency, availability and dedication. We will not hesitate to call upon her expertise in the future or to refer her to our contacts.

Alternative Group Capital


We had the good fortune to meet Mélanie Dubois several years ago when we looking for a condominium. Since that time, we have completed four transactions working with her. The loyalty we feel towards her attests to the quality of her services. A superb strategist, she stands out from the crowd for not only her ability to listen to our needs but also for her skills as a negotiator.

Manon et Clifford


We were impressed with your skills and perseverance, and often repeated ourselves in saying that we had chosen the best broker.

Thank you so much!

Marie-Andrée et Pierre


In all our experience in selling and buying property, never has a project been so well facilitated, pleasant and efficient! From day 1 of putting it up for sale, to support from the home staging consultant, to the taking of expert photographs that perfectly position the home on the market, to regular monitoring of the showings—up until the sale was concluded, her approach was always highly professional and efficient!

In real estate, the say: "Location, location, location." From our business relationship, it should be: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
With all our friendship and appreciation,

Veronique et André


We had the opportunity to work with Mélanie for several real estate transactions: purchase, sale and lease. In every case, she has served as a valuable partner to advise us in all stages of our transactions. She has always taken the time to fully understand our needs and objectives, and worked closely with us to finalize the transaction according to the established goals. We have always been satisfied with her services and will work with Mélanie again in the future. We recommend her services without hesitation!!

Bernard et Julie


My thanks to Mélanie, who was present without being intrusive, conscientious without being picky and, what’s more, always smiling and offering good advice. It was a transaction that went smoothly at every step.



From the moment we first met Mélanie, we were impressed by her direct replies and dynamism. We were not disappointed over the course of the mandate. Because the electronic open houses by appointment she held provided us with continuous traffic, we were able to make a sale quickly in a difficult market. We will not hesitate to use her services again.

Sergio & Jacques


I have availed myself of the services of Mélanie and her team on four occasions. This alone tells a lot about my how satisfied I am with her work. Residing outside of Quebec, I appreciate a broker who is highly involved in the project, taking care of every aspect of the sale and going beyond logistics alone. By helping me with the management of my tenants, along with handling the paperwork and providing a continuous evaluation of my assets, Mélanie and her team offer me real added value.



I want to tell you how much I loved working with you during the sale of my condo and how much I appreciated your professionalism. Before giving you the mandate for the sale of my condo, I had met 3 other real estate agents who said they specialized in real estate sales in Old Montreal.

Why I chose you:

A) From our first meeting you were able to create and establish a bond of trust between us,

B) You took the time to listen and noted what my expectations were,

C) You were not afraid to tell me the reality in the face of these expectations,

D) The dynamism with which you assailed the market,

E) The professionalism you showed when following up on the project, up until the contract signing with the notary…

F) All of which makes me give you a score of 10 out of 10.



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